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Being a parent is a hard job! Especially when we stop to think that we are our child's first teacher and it's up to us to make sure our children are growing and learning the way they should during the first five years of their life.  Add that to the fact things are continuously changing due to more research and new developments and just staying informed seems impossible.

Should you know ALL the answers? Absolutely not - no one does! So it's okay to ask questions and look for answers because we're all in this together.

Smart Beginnings MHC is an early childhood resource center. Parents and caregivers can start to find information and resources to better prepare their children for success when they enter kindergarten.


  • School Readiness - What does it mean "Is my child ready for school?"
    √ Does he have to be able to count to 10?
    √ Should she be able to hop on one foot?
    √ Does he need to know his colors?
  • Ages and Stages Screenings (ASQ) - a simple survey that is free of charge and completed by the parent along with a staff member just to see "how is my child doing?" It's an easy way for parents to learn more about what they should be helping their child learn at each stage and aids in early detection of any potential problems. ASQ assistance is provided by SBMHC staff at Bassett Family Practice on Wednesdays and at the WIC Clinic on Thursdays and by appointment.  ASQ's may be completed free of charge by caregivers online - ASQ Online.
  • VSQI - Looking for a Star Quality Rated childcare provider? Smart Beginnings MHC is the place to find more information about childcare providers in the local area.
  • Need help connecting to services for your child?
    √ Learn about and enroll in FAMIS health insurance.
    √ Find your way to resources and services available in Martinsville and Henry County.

Services are always free and open to all families with children ages birth to 5.  Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or caregiver, call us because we're here to help!

For more information contact us at 276-666-8901.