Why is health and wellness essential?

Physical, emotional, intellectual, and social wellness are all essential factors in a child's development.

Planning a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains and protein will build a foundation for proper brain function as well as providing proper physical health.

Emotional wellness comes with being able to express and cope with the many emotions that a human feels. Teaching children how to identify, experience and vocalize their feelings is essential to overall health.

Intellectual wellness is a key focus for children. A strong foundation in an educational setting as well as parental involvement in the process will lead to intellectual wellness. A large part of the brain's architecture is formed in the first three years of life!

Social wellness is one of the most integral pieces of wellness. Teaching children to share, be courteous, how to communicate with others and exposure to a variety of social situations will help to build the social networking skills that will follow children throughout their lives.

Healthy Living Tips:

Discourage your kids from snacking on sweets and fatty foods. Keep plenty of healthy foods, such as fruits, raw vegetables, low-fat crackers and yogurt, around for children to eat between meals.