June 10, 2013

Smart Beginnings MHC has been selected to participate in a statewide early childhood needs assessment project, which is being directed by the VA Department of Social Services in partnership with the Office of Early Childhood Development. They have contracted with James Madison University to conduct the assessment which will include fiscal mapping. The JMU needs assessment will include a review of state level data, but they have also selected a few communities were local data will be reviewed (such as our community!) They are using a multi-faceted approach to the needs assessment that includes discussions with local leaders, parents, service providers, survey, videotape and photography. Communities involved will receive a site specific summary report at the conclusion of the project.

Part of the assessment process includes gathering input from families, educators and service providers in our community. JMU has put together two surveys - Family and Educator - which we are working to distribute across our community to gather this needed input. We need your help in getting these into the hands of families, co-workers, educators, and other service providers in our community! For every 100 surveys completed, JMU will be giving away a digital camera . Those who complete the survey will be asked to give their contact information (on a separate sheet from the survey so surveys will remain anonymous). All names will go into a drawing for the camera.

Please share this On-line Survey - this link will take you to either the Educator's Survey or the Family Survey. Then simply click the appropriate link. The first page will ask for their personal information so they can be registered for the drawing for the digital camera.