First Year Development The most essential ingredient for your child's healthy development is a warm, responsive, and dependable adult caregiver. Try to spend lots of time holding, cuddling, and playing with your child. You will be richly rewarded with babbles, smiles and squeals of laughter.

Things To Do

  •  Help your baby develop a sense of trust and security by responding to his cries. Feeling secure encourages him to try new things. Be consistent so he will know what to expect.
  • Place your child in new places and new positions so that she can see her surroundings from different angles.
  • Hold and cuddle your baby when feeding him. This is very important in the development of his sense of self-worth and security. It's also a great stress reliever for adults.
  • Respect your baby's natural schedule. Most will settle into a routine for eating, sleeping and soiling diapers, but each baby is different. Some eat more often. Some need longer naps.
  • Expose your baby to bright colors and a variety of objects.
  • Provide an environment rich with sound. Help your child to recognize common household sounds such as the vacuum, the radio, a clock or the doorbell.
  • Provide opportunities for your child to experience different smells. Lemon, vanilla and apple juice are wonderful kitchen smells. Outdoors, let them smell flowers and grass.
  • Give older babies a variety of tastes and temperatures. For instance, try cold sherbet, warm oatmeal, mashed peaches or chopped cooked carrots.
  • Face your baby when you talk to him so he can see and smile with you.