6 Month Development Chart

Age (Babies differ, this is just a guide)


Physical Development


Social & Emotional Development


Intellectual Development

1 month

Can see, hear, feel, taste and smell at birth.  Uses reflexes.

Likes soft, high-pitched voices.  Likes to look at faces.  Startles at loud sounds.

Learning begins at birth.  Recognizes caregiver’s voice.

2 months

Focuses eyes and eats every 3 to 4 hours.

Smiles.  Reacts to distress by crying.

Follows light or objects with eyes.  Recognizes bottle or breast.

3 months

Holds head up.

Coos and gurgles.

Recognizes mother or primary caregiver.

4 months

Tries to grab with hand.  Wiggles and kicks with arms and legs.  Coos and gurgles.  Rolls over (stomach to back). Sits with support.

Cries different ways for different reasons.  Loves to be touched or held close.  Responds to a shaking rattle or bell and to peek-a-boo games.  Laughs and chuckles.  Shows signs of fear, anger or disgust.

Can use eyes and hands together.

Explores objects with mouth.

5 to 6 months

Teeth appear and rolls over.

Tries to talk to image in mirror.

Understands he can reach out and touch objects.